December 16, 2022

Kredit Platform Updates


Network members can now create, distribute, and track referral link productivity in real-time and at your convenience.

Referral links drive consumers to the Kredit portal to establish payment plans with you.

Step 1: Navigate to the Links tab

Step 2: On the right-hand side of the screen, click the Create new link

Step 3: Type in a Name for your link (this name will only be visible internally) and select where you will share the link. Links can be added to your website, emails, SMS texts, letters, or other communications you leverage.

Step 4: The referral link will be generated once you click Submit. Use the copy button to easily paste link to your intended collateral.

Step 5: Select Back to links to return to the dashboard in the Links tab.

Step 6: Preview your referral link's transition page to see what consumers will see.

Disclosures are dynamically displayed on an network members' referral page and accessible to consumers.

Step 7: Click on the three dots next to the referral link and select Edit to amend the link's title.

Stats & Analytics

Step 8: Select View stats to monitor the effectiveness of individual links. The Stats & analytics page is associated with each referral link which provide insights on how many consumers reach each step in the process of setting up a payment to your organization.

  • Referral conversion rate displays the rate at which consumers you direct to Kredit make it to the "Enrolled" stage

  • Views displays the number of consumers who view the transition page

  • Signups displays the number of consumers who submitted their email or phone number on the Kredit sign-up page to create an account

  • Enrolled displays the number of consumers who verified their email or phone number, effectively establishing their Kredit account

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