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March 22, 2023 - Outreach: How to manage groups


Drive engagement with email and text campaigns! Network members can centrally manage outreach to consumer account holders with tailor-made tools.

Previous highlights:

CONTACTS | How to manage contacts

Covered in today's update!

GROUPS | Easily segment contacts into meaningful groups for campaigns

Covered in an upcoming update!

UPLOADS | Leverage various methods to upload contact data into the platform
CAMPAIGNS | Send on-demand email and text campaigns to consumers
TEMPLATES | Use standard email and text templates that can be pre-populated with consumer account data
To request a demo, log into your Kredit account and submit a demo request or reach out to your primary Kredit contact.


Network members can now manage contacts by creating groups that will easily align to campaigns.
Create a Group
Modify or delete a group
Group information
Add contacts to a Group
Step 1: Navigate to Groups tab and select Create a new group.
Step 2: Type in a Name for the group and select Save. (This can be edited in the future.)
Step 3: You will be returned to the dashboard of Groups where you can view a ledger of the established groups.
Step 1: Click three dots next to a specific group to edit or delete that group.
Step 2: Type in the updated Name for the group and click Save.
Step 3: Verify this is the desired group to be deleted by clicking Delete. This is a permanent action and cannot be undone.
Step 1: Select the Details button next to a group.
Two views are provided within the group's detail page:
  • The ledger of Contacts provides the count of contacts in the group and the full list of aligned contacts.
  • The Campaign history provides the full list of associated campaigns this group has received.

Contacts view:

Step 2: Click on the Details button to see the consumer's profile.
Campaign history view:
Step 3: Click Preview to view the actual text or email that was sent to this group.
Step 4: Click Details to view the campaign details.
Step 1: Navigate back to the Contacts view.
Step 2: Within the Contacts view of the group details, click Add contacts.
There are three methods to add contacts directly to a selected group.
  • Add existing contact
  • Add contacts from an existing group
  • Upload a new contact
Step 1: Select Add existing contact to find an individual contact. Type in the consumer name to pull up a contact already in the contacts database.
Step 2: Select Add contacts from existing group. The contacts in another group will be copied from the selected group and added to this group. This does not merge groups.
Step 3: Select Upload a new contact to import a new contact. More details on uploads will be provide in the next release!