November 30, 2022

Kredit Platform Updates


Admins can cancel agent-driven scheduled payments
Step 1: Navigate to the Payments tab and click the three dots button to the right of the
agent-driven scheduled transaction
Step 2: Select Cancel series
This feautre is only accessible to Admins.
Step 3: Confirm this is the correct series of agent-driven scheduled payments to be cancelled.


Add or delete consumer policies or notices to referral pages
Disclosures are dynamically displayed on an network members' referral page and accessible to consumers.

To add or remove disclosures:i

Step 1: Navigate to My Account.
Step 2: Select View next to the Disclosures option.
Step 3: Click Add a document to upload a policy or notice that will be displayed to consumers. The Document nickname will be visible to consumers.
Step 4: Click the trash icon next to a file to delete the policy or notice.


Admins and managers are notified when they have active messages with network members.
When their are active consumer messages, network members will receive an email with:
  • The count of active messages
  • Date and time stamp of when the information was pulled
  • Access to log in directly from the notification


Consumers are notified when they have active messages with network members. consumer-communicat

Based on their elected communication preferences, consumers will receive an email or text informing them that they have active messages in the platform.