March 20, 2023 - Outreach: How to manage contacts


Drive engagement with email and text campaigns! Network members can centrally manage outreach to consumer account holders with tailor-made tools.


Network members can now manage account holder profiles, referred to as contacts, within the enterprise platform making it easy and efficient to send email and text campaigns.

The contacts section serves as a database for your team to:

  • Review and update account holder details, and

  • Monitor and audit campaign interactions with each account holder.

Navigate to the Contacts sub-tab.

The Contacts dashboard displays a ledger of all uploaded account holders.

Step 1: Type in account holder details into the Search contacts field to lookup individual contacts.

Step 2: Select Add contacts in to input more account holders into the database.

Step 3: To see an individual account holder's profile, click the Details button. Click on the next tab "Edit account holder info" to learn more.

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