March 20, 2023 - Outreach: How to manage contacts


Drive engagement with email and text campaigns! Network members can centrally manage outreach to consumer account holders with tailor-made tools.

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CONTACTS | Manage a database of your consumer account data

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GROUPS | Easily segment contacts into meaningful groups for campaigns
UPLOADS | Leverage various methods to upload contact data into the platform
CAMPAIGNS | Send on-demand email and text campaigns to consumers
TEMPLATES | Use standard email and text templates that can be pre-populated with consumer account data
To request a demo, log into your Kredit account and submit a demo request or reach out to your primary Kredit contact.


Network members can now manage account holder profiles, referred to as contacts, within the enterprise platform making it easy and efficient to send email and text campaigns.
The contacts section serves as a database for your team to:
  • Review and update account holder details, and
  • Monitor and audit campaign interactions with each account holder.
Database of account holders
Edit account holder info
Navigate to the Contacts sub-tab.

The Contacts dashboard displays a ledger of all uploaded account holders.

Step 1: Type in account holder details into the Search contacts field to lookup individual contacts.
Step 2: Select Add contacts in to input more account holders into the database.
Step 3: To see an individual account holder's profile, click the Details button. Click on the next tab "Edit account holder info" to learn more.
Step 1: Click the Details button aligned to a specific account holder to show their account information.
The account holder (consumer) profile will pop-up. The four sections of the consumer profile:
  • Header: A tag next to the consumer's name shows if the consumer is Kredit user. If the consumer is not a Kredit user, they are labeled Contact only.
  • Personal details provides consumer account details.
  • Groups shows the groups the consumer is aligned to.
  • Campaign history shows the individual emails and texts the consumer has received.

Personal details

Step 2: Select the Edit button next to the Personal details header to edit consumer information.
Step 3: Type in account holder updates, and click Save. You'll be returned to the consumer's profile.


Step 4: To Mute or Edit the groups this consumer is aligned to, click on the respective button.
  • Mute - This removes the consumer from all the aligned groups, and they will no longer receive those campaigns.
  • Edit - Use the drop down under Add group to select the desired groups for this consumer.

Campaign history

Step 5: Campaign history displays the ledger of emails and/or texts this consumer has received.
  • Click Download CSV to export this consumer's ledger of received campaigns.
  • Click Preview to view the actual text or email that was sent to the consumer.
  • Click Details to view the campaign details.