March 30, 2023 - How to send campaigns with templates


Drive engagement with email and text campaigns! Network members can centrally manage outreach to consumer account holders with tailor-made tools.


Network members can send contacts (account holders) on-demand text and email campaigns.

Step 1: Click Create a new campaign.

The Create a new campaign page allows you to input the details of your campaign.

Step 2

Select Email under the section labeled Type.

Step 3

Type in the Campaign name.

Step 4

Type in the Subject of the campaign. This will be visible to recipients.

Step 5

The From address is auto populated and can not be edited.

Step 6

Select the Group from the drop down that should receive this campaign.

Step 7

Select the desired Template from the drop down menu.

Step 8

Select the Launch date for the campaign to be deployed.

Step 9

  • Click Save to save the work done so far.

  • Click Schedule to launch campaign.

  • Click Preview to view the campaign in advance of deploying.

Step 10

Enter an email into the textbox labeled Send test message to send a this email to a team member. This email must be added in the contact database.

The Campaigns dashboard provides insights for sent email and text campaigns.

Step 1: Click on the Stats button to see analytics on the individual campaign.

  • Delivery rate shows the rate email or text campaigns were delivered to consumers.

  • Open rate shows the rate email or text campaigns are opened by consumers.

  • Click-through rate is the number of consumers who click a link included in a communication.

  • Unsubscribe rate shows the rate of consumers that unsubscribed to emails.

  • Opt-out rate shows the rate of consumers who opted-out of text campaigns.


Network Members can use standard email and text templates that can be auto-populated with consumer account data​ from the contacts database.

Reach out to your primary Kredit contact to review templates.

Select the Preview button to review the template.

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