September 9, 2022

Kredit Platform Updates


Consumer Payments

  • Admins can see consumer historical and scheduled payments in real-time within the app. They can leverage the search feature to locate specific transactions.

  • Easily locate consumer account numbers with the search field

  • Clear visibility into the details of scheduled payments

    • Hover over the status to see how many occurrences are scheduled

    • Identify the payment type: driven by consumer or by an agent

    • Identify the payment method: Credit, Debit, or ACH

  • Add a consumer transaction directly in the "Payments" tab without having to navigate back to the individual's message board.

Team Provisioning

You can now easily monitor, provide, and revoke access to users within your organization.

  • Assign different members of your team the necessary provisioning access by clicking on the

    • Admin | Access to all Kredit features

    • Manager | Limited access to payments reporting

    • Agent | Limited access to payments management, and no access to editing teams

Add or delete team members

In addition to provisioning levels, you can easily add or delete team members from the platform.

  • Click the "Add a team member" button, enter the team member's email and send the invite

  • Monitor agent onboarding to the platform through the Pending Invites tab

Improved enterprise user face

  • Team members can quickly see their recent activity upon logging in, create a payment for a consumer, or invite a consumer to the platform.

  • The navigation pane supports the key activities of team members.

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