January 10, 2023


Step 1: Select the star button ⭐ next to the active referral links you want to favorite for preferred attention

Step 2: Click on the arrow on the column header to sort on favorited favorited links

Set the fields consumers to input to lookup account information

Network members can choose the fields consumers must input to lookup their account:

  • Date of Birth

  • Last 4 digits or full social security number

  • Account Number


Enhanced consumer dashboard highlighting relationships with network members

Step 1: Consumers can easily navigate through the relationships of their connected accounts. Your organization will be at the top of the consumers' dashboard when they set up an account through your referral link.

Step 2: Consumers can add a new account with at any time with ease.

Step 3: For more value, consumers can select the Get your free credit report button. If they already received their free credit report, they can monitor it at any time.

Step 4: Consumers can look up and request firms that are currently out-of-network network. They will receive notifications when the requested firm joins the Kredit network.

Step 5: To support consumer's continued financial wellness journey, consumers can transition from the dashboard to the Marketplace to:

  • Explore innovative companies with mission-driven tools and products,

  • Compare products that take different approaches to help consumers retain services and save money, and,

  • Follow the link on a company's profile to try out each new product.

Comprehensive account details are provided for consumers on their progress through payments

Step 1: Consumers can see how they are progressing through through their payment plans.

Step 2: Payment plans offered by network members are provided for consumers.

Step 3: Messages between consumers and network members are captured within the same window.

Payment activity is provided showing all transactions.

Simplified account lookup form

Step 1: Consumers select the Make a payment button next to their connected relationship.

Step 2: Each kredit network member sets the fields they require for consumers to lookup account information.

In the example below, JKL LLC requires consumers to type in their date of birth and social security number and select continue to locate their account.

Step 3: Consumers can set up their payment plan.

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