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August 2, 2023


Application directory added to Kredit's website

Consumers, Network Members, and Advisors can easily locate the their application to login.
Step 1: Visit Kredit's website.
Step 2: Select Log in in the top right corner.
Step 3: Select the Enterprise option to log in to the application.

Kredit's Portal, Settlements, and Outreach modules have been condensed to optimize navigation within module components.
Step 1: Click on Portal, Settlements, or Outreach to see the components for the respective module.
Use the Portal solution to enable consumers to self-resolve accounts on their terms.
Use the Settlements solution to automate negotiations with debt settlement firms.
Use the Outreach module to organize SMS & email campaigns from one place.
Step 2: Visit a module to request a demo and explore Kredit's other management solutions.

Schedule training sessions with a Kredit team member directly in the application

Step 1: Click Schedule Training on the navigation pane.
Step 2: Select a date and time in Eastern Standard time to conveniently request assistance or a demo of Kredit's modules from a team member directly within the application.


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