March 24, 2023 - Outreach: How to manage contact uploads


Drive engagement with email and text campaigns! Network members can centrally manage outreach to consumer account holders with tailor-made tools.


Network members can leverage two easy methods to import contact data into the enterprise platform:

  • Upload a file

  • Manually enter a single contact

Step 1: Select Upload contacts within the Updates dashboard.

Step 2: Select Upload a file and click Continue.

Step 3: It is important to have the column headers that are provided in order to map your file contents successfully. Select Download template to input your data into or review your file's headers to include the following:

First name

Phone number

Social security number

Last name

Date of birth

Account number


Zip code

Click below for the template.

Step 4: Click Continue to upload the desired file.

Step 5: Select the shaded box to find the desired file, or drag the desired file into the shaded box. Once a file is provided, the Continue button will become available to click.

Step 6: Verify that the desired file is selected, and select Continue.

Step 7: Assign your contacts to a group by selecting a group in dropdown under Pick a group or Create a new group.

Step 8: Verify the the desired file is aligned to the desired group name by clicking Upload.

Step 9: Do not leave the uploading page until the status bar shows the file upload is complete. You can select Cancel at anytime before the upload is completed.

Step 10: As contacts are being added to the Contacts database, you can either select:

  • Back to Contacts to return to the contacts dashboard, or

  • View progress to return to Uploads dashboard.

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